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  1. Other EVs PHEVs EREVs
    Sexy is it's first, middle, and last name. Also covered in unobtainium. The battery-electric concept has front and rear mounted twin electric motors that deliver 800 kW peak power, with 10,500 pound-feet wheel torque and 350 miles of pure electric range. The I-shaped 120 kilowatt-hour...
  2. Other EVs PHEVs EREVs
    More Press releases from VW. Real cars, later, sometime, maybe :) A staple of coastal California’s towns, the Volkswagen Microbus will be reincarnated as an electric vehicle. VW announced that it will build a version of its I.D. Buzz concept bus, which it hopes to begin selling by 2022...
  3. Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Competitors
    One seat sports car with a 40 mile range. Looks like an update of the Beetle to me! 10-foot-long aluminum-frame. 0-60 time is 11 seconds, with its top speed 80 mph. A couple of hours to charge from a 230V electrical outlet. Like any concept car, it's a bit of playful car-porn...
1-3 of 3 Results