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  1. Chevy Volt vs Spark EV Battery Thermal Management Design

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    I saw in the article today on this forum that the Spark EV thermal management system is comprised of a liquid cooling/heating platform directly underneath the battery. The Volt's design has thermal plates carrying coolant between each battery cell, which seems like that would help maintain a...
  2. Spark ignites global excitement for Chevrolet brand

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    I sure do want to test-drive one of these things (the EV version, that is, and thanks to Pete, next post, for the clarification.) My dealer is 'clueless' as to when they'll get any (Spark Ev's)... Read more at The Detroit News...
  3. Fiat 500e priced at $32.5k

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    It will be sold exclusively in California. A compliance car? "The first deliveries of this car are expected to occur this summer. For those that are eligible for federal credits ($7,500), state incentives, and FIAT rebates, you will be able to purchase this vehicle for as low as $20,500. You...
  4. Fiat 500e EPA 108 MPGe Highway, 87 Mile Range

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    "Fiat is claiming an industry-best 108 MPGe highway rating, as well a 87-mile range, which the company is claiming makes it “best in class among high-volume manufacturers” a thinly veiled reference to the exclusive, niche nature of the Tesla Model S." "Size and performance-wise, the Fiat...