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  1. Bolt EV Bose 6 Speaker vs 7 Speaker

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    I see some dealer stickers with the info package saying Bose 6 speaker and the build site says Bose Premium 7 speaker. Are they the same thing? Doesn't seem like it to me.
  2. Chevy Bolt EV 60 KW battery & the Volt

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    Does anyone know if GM might be adapting the new high capacity (60 KW) battery pack used in the new Chevy Bolt for the next generation Volt? It would be great to have the higher battery capacity available, perhaps an an option.
  3. Come Check Out Our New Chevy Bolt EV Forum!

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    Check Out Our Chevy Bolt EV Forum! Take Part In The first Deliveries Discussion The Largest Chevy Bolt EV Forum, Community And Owners Club! Related Topics: How Much Were You Able To Get The 2017+ Chevy Bolt EV Below MSRP?
  4. Sport Sedan version of Bolt?

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    Should GM consider making a sport sedan version of the Bolt based on the TRU 140S concept car? The rumor is Tesla's Model 3 will come in both a sedan and a hatchback version. The TRU 140S is a stylish car sharing some of the ELR's sexiness. However it also shares the two-door concept which may...
  5. The Chevy Bolt Battery Pack Possibilities

    Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Competitors
    By BillR On June 19, 2015, the feature article on the GM-Volt website examined how the new Chevy Bolt was likely derived from the Chevy Sonic, and some of the comparisons between the Spark EV, Sonic, and Bolt. So now the question becomes; what will Chevy use for a battery pack? Since the Spark...
  6. Design Possibilities for the Chevy Bolt

    Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Competitors
    By BillR Recently, spy photos of the new Chevy Bolt have been showing up on the Internet. These photos, along with information that we already know, can help us conjecture about the Bolt’s design. First, GM has already manufactured the Spark EV, and some of the technology from this vehicle...