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  1. 2014 volt went from overbite charge of 38 to 34 miles available(??)

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    Hi I bought this used 2014 Volt 01/2017 at 31,000. I love it a lot! My problem, question is from January, until about 2 weeks ago the morning overnight charge would read 38+ miles on range to 35 last week and today 34. Nothing has changed in routine. Never any variation in morning electric...
  2. On my 3rd Volt, 2017 a Disappointment

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    Volt forum members, I would love some feedback. I got my new 2017 Volt and was excited about the fact I would get a 52 mile or so charge, but now I'm disappointed that it will only charge to 44 or 45 miles, not the 52 promised. What's the deal? Any thoughts? I also have to say that I like so...

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    2014 VOLT. 56000 miles. About 50% electric/ 50% gas miles. Today, my car went to the dealer for the second time, same symptoms. For the first 50000miles or so, my car charged from 38-43 miles, whether on 120 or 240 volt charger. In December, I parked the car for three weeks at San Francisco...
  4. 2014 Volt-different charge time and range estimation from my 2012!

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    SO, I've had my 2014 for a month now, have around 1000 miles and have figured out most of the differences from my 2012. Two things puzzle me: 1) Charge completion time actual performance. I have the car set up to start charging when it needs to to be ready to go at 6:45 AM. In my 2012, it would...