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  1. Two weeks a 2012 Volt Owner: observations and questions

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    I will have driven my 2012 Volt two weeks as of Friday. Observations: 1) I'm a fan of L driving. I am obsessive compulsive about braking, and L driving suits me just fine! 2) I'm getting 38 ish miles per charge. I won't be able to charge faster until I have an outlet installed, but am doing...
  2. Ford 120v charge cord

    Totally Off-Topic
    I was able to have a 120v Ford charge cable as a second charger for my Volt. It was abandon in an empty home purchased by a friend of mine. I now have this smaller, easier to handle unit to charge on the go (mostly at work) Works great in 12amp mode and has 6 way visual status light. I've never...