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  1. CEL Codes: P0ACH/P07A3/P1B10

    Problems, Driver Warnings or DTCs - Chevy Volt
    Relatively new owner of a 2013 Volt here - only 37K on the ODO. Trouble free since we've had it since early 2019 - I did have to tighten the axle nuts to fix the "Clicking" issue Most recently - Not getting heat - EV only (I believe I know the cause based on other posts) and last week, CEL...
  2. A newbie with a 2012 Volt

    Newcomers to GM-VOLT.COM (See here for FAQs)
    Hi and here I am looking for answers. I bought the Volt recently with only 15k miles. Put about 2k miles on it already with no issues. When I unplugged the charger today the CEL was on. I checked the gas cap, no help and then drove it 42 mi (batt and some ICE) with no problems. Lite is...