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  1. 2012 Volt Canada

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    I have owned this 2012 Chevy Volt for 160,000 km and have enjoyed a lifetime fuel economy of 2.8L/100km or 84 mpg. It is my 60km daily driver.:D Maintenance has consisted of 3 sets of tires, best wear and quiet are Nokian Entyre2.0 AS adequate in winter, 3 engine oil and air filter changes, 1...
  2. That's one way to advertise..

    Chevy Bolt EV Discussion, News, Reviews & Events
    Seems Chevy is actually advertising Bolt in Canada - full on product placement and sponsorship through Amazing Race Canada. Just watching the last 5 minutes as I turned on the TV and they're doing a race to see how can get to the finish in their Bolt, and a prize to those who do it most...
  3. Bricked MyLink

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    Yesterday evening I got into my car to a completely black MyLink/infotainment screen on my ’17 Volt. No graphics, no sound, no signs of light. I tried resetting with a quick power down of the Volt before I left the parking lot and also by pressing and quickly hanging up the OnStar button (I’ve...
  4. Canada Volt Gen2 Prices - SHARE YOUR DEALS

    Generation 2 Volt (2016-2020)
    With the Bolt roll-out, it seems to be either the best or worst time to get a Volt. US dealers are offering great deals with Canadian dealers lagging far behind. Sharing Canadian closed deals on Gen2 Volt will be very helpful. Please share your deals and dealer buying experience...
  5. Does this color actually exist? Or bad color corrected video?

    Generation 2 Volt (2016-2020)
    So found the below video on Youtube (also attached a screen grab): Right around the 1:56 mark, you see the Volt portion of the comparison. The color looks purple/burgundy to me. That can't be Siren Red, can it? The screen grab also includes a...
  6. Looking at buying a 2013 Volt that was previously a rental

    Buying, Leasing & Selling - Chevy Volt
    I haven't checked it out in person yet. I was wondering if there is anything in particular I should pay attention to? Does anybody have reason to believe buying a previous rental car is a bad idea? I've read that rental cars can degrade faster from having more stress put on them, having to deal...
  7. quebec canada goes strong with the spark

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  8. Long Distance Drive - Yes or No?

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    Hi gang, I've taken my 2012 Volt from Southern Ontario, Canada to Myrtle Beach last year and it was a fantastic drive with no problems. I'm looking for your opinions on a longer drive from Southern Ontario to Las Vegas over a 2 week period....just considering it at the moment. What do you think?
  9. GMPP crossing us to canada

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    Hi every one, in one week i will take possession of my 2013 volt from illinois and bring it to alberta were i live. I would like to know if somebody bought a ext warranty gmpp in the usa and had a problem after when he want to use it in canada. I read this forum since a long time and i will...
  10. Thoughts on Winter Tires for Green Cars

    Wheels & Tires - Chevy Volt
    Since I did all this research on Winter Tires for my new car, I thought it might be helpful to others. The latest thing in Tires for fuel economy is Low Rolling Resistance (LRR), which can make a 5%-10% difference in range. The tires that come with the Chevy Volt are LRR, but All-Season or...
  11. New member + proud Volt owner from Quebec

    Just a quick hello to everybody as a new member of this forum which I already find very useful and full of info!! 2 weeks now I've been driving my own 2013 summit white Volt, got it with 18500km (11495 miles) on it and almost a year old but it's as good as new to me!!! Love the tan...
  12. Windsor-Essex Electric Vehicle Association

    For anyone in Windsor-Essex or surrounding areas please note that there is now an EV association for us! Check it out at Sean
  13. XM Travel Link in Canada?

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    Does the XM travel link work in Canada? I've got a 2013 with Nav but no Icons for the weather and movies. The XM Traffic does work but its only for major roads. I also checked to make sure the icons were not hidden by a customized menu. Some screen shots
  14. New Volt Owner in 4 Weeks!

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    I am now looking forward to getting my Volt, it is now ordered, I just have to wait. I am in Canada so I think I will be buying mags and winter tires to install right away. I will have to wait until May to remove them to really see what the car will give me for mileage. The car is as loaded...
  15. Winterize Volt

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    Hi All, I have a 2011 Volt and live in Saskatchewan, Canada and winter is well on it's way. I am wondering if I need to winterize my Volt as it won't be long when it's going to be -20C (-4F) for weeks on end. I better check my windshield washer fluid to make sure it's winter rated and won't...
  16. My 2012 Volt - Black / Black Leather - love it!

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    Hi - Just received our car this week - simply love it so far - has met and exceeded all expectations. We were looking for a 2nd car and had been leaning towards a minivan or mid-size SUV...but we stumbled onto this particular Volt (low mileage / dealer demo) and fell in love with it - really...

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    Hello everyone!! I just obtained the VOLT Canadian and Quebec Sales result !! Canada: 214 Québec: 92 214 is a lifetime record (the highest was is may 2012 with 211. 92 in Quebec is the second lifetime highest ... By the way, we are doing the same guessing for the VOLT sales numbers, but for...
  18. GE Wattstation available in Canada

    Chevy Volt Accessories and Modifications
    Hello all, I know I am a minority here living in Canada while driving a Volt but your information and advise is so welcome. I am looking for a supplier in Canada where I can purchase a GE Wattstation for my garage. I have found the Ontility and SPX websites but hoped maybe I could save some...
  19. VOLT SALES # IN CANADA FOR JUNE 2012: ONLY 118 ...

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    Finally, the sales numbers came from GM Canada. Only 118 VOLT were sold last month in the entire country. I'm still waiting to get the sales numbers in Quebec. Here is more details about sales numbers ...
  20. Finally, we have the CANADIAN sales numbers for March !!

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    116 VOLT were sold in Canada in march !! Not much, but better than 11 in January and 7 in February !! Sly