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  1. brake rotors - rusted?

    Care, Maintenance & Service - Gen2 Volt
    Hi, I brought my 2018 volt (25,000 km) to the dealership for regular inspection and one other thing. I live in Ontario where they use lots of salt in the winter. The guy from service called me to say that my rotors are rusted and he needed to machine them, and also that I needed an alignment...
  2. '14 Volt L Axle Noise and Failure at 44k -- Driving in L

    Problems, Driver Warnings or DTCs - Chevy Volt
    Hi, my "new" 2014 Volt developed a peculiar, faint thumping or rumbling (not a 'clicking') noise from the front end when deaccelerating in L or if braking in D. The car has 44,000 miles on it. The sound was most prominent if slowing while turning right, like into a parking lot, etc. The...
  3. "Therapeutic" Use of ICE and Disc Brakes?

    Care, Maintenance & Service - Chevy Volt
    I've had my pre-owned 2015 Volt LT (18.4k miles) for over a month now. In that time I have used it a lot, but mainly for driving around Seattle, and the ICE and the mechanical disc brakes have not been used even once. I'm concerned that if this pattern of driving continues, some deterioration...
  4. 2015 Volt rolling downhill with brake failure

    Problems, Driver Warnings or DTCs - Chevy Volt
    Hello All, I’d like to share my traumatic experience with my 2015 with less than 18k, Ashen grey on the outside and black interior with shiny chrome wheels. It’s well equipped with leather, Nav, Bose Audio and backup camera. On May 13th, approx. 11:10am, clear and sunny 75F Redondo Beach, CA. I...
  5. Gen 2 "L" brake lights

    Generation 2 Volt (2016-2020)
    I understand that Gen 2 Volts cause the brake lights to come on when the car is regenning in "L" drive mode. So if you push the gas and speed up or stay same, no lights, but if you take off gas and slow down, lights. Is that the correct way it works? Is there a way to stop the lights since Gen 1...
  6. Two weeks a 2012 Volt Owner: observations and questions

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    I will have driven my 2012 Volt two weeks as of Friday. Observations: 1) I'm a fan of L driving. I am obsessive compulsive about braking, and L driving suits me just fine! 2) I'm getting 38 ish miles per charge. I won't be able to charge faster until I have an outlet installed, but am doing...
  7. Pulsation in brake pedal and ..

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    Hello, I am getting a strange pulsation in my brake pedal, which I saw was actually reported in another post here But I am also getting a weird sliding thump only...
  8. Had to replace rusted out rear rotors at 50k miles

    Mechanical Systems - Chevy Volt
    I took my 2012 Volt with 50+K miles on it in for inspection recently and they said the rear rotors were so badly rusted that they needed to be replaced to pass inspection. Neither the pads nor the rotors were badly worn. The mechanic took some time to explain the issue to me and apparently...
  9. 2013-2016 Nissan Leaf Brakes Recall

    Nissan is recalling 46,859 electric cars to fix the brakes. The recall involves the 2013 to 2015 Nissan Leaf electric cars. The Leaf may have brake trouble in extremely cold weather.
  10. Brake Issues - Regular Mechanic OK?

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    My brakes are squeaking on my 2012 Volt. Is it OK to take to my regular mechanic?
  11. Brake pulsating after parking brake actuation

    Problems, Driver Warnings or DTCs - Chevy Volt
    I am a new owner of a used 2012 Volt. After I actuate the parking brake, and release the service brake pedal, I hear a pulsating sound at a frequency of roughly once a second. The pulsating stops when I re depress the service brake pedal. Is this normal? If not, any ideas of cause? Thanks.
  12. Brake Headache

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    OK, so the brake job saga continues... Chevy Dealer A told me about two weeks ago that I need to replace the Volt's front brake pads because they were worn down, plus the rotors. Said the rotors cant be turned/resurfaced... because there's a special coating on the rotors. Price = +$600 Now...
  13. Can't take it anymore!

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    My brakes (esp rear) have always had the tendency to squeal. Ok.. so yeah we all know by now why the Volt is more susceptible to this.. fine.. I get it. But my problem is more significant than the norm. After about a year, I had a recurring squeal so had the dealer look at it.. the...
  14. Volt needs a Snow / Low Traction Drive mode for predictable braking

    Suggestions for GM - Chevy Volt
    Not for going, but for stopping. My theoretical Snow / Low traction drive mode would greatly reduce or disable regenerative breaking, forcing the volt to immediately use the traditional brakes, giving me immediate 4 wheel braking. The Volt does great going in the snow as I am finding out...
  15. GM to recall four '12 Volts

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    A RECALL? A total of FOUR Volts. Four? Whatever. Wait until Fox gets a hold of this... We can always count on The Detroit News for the very latest automotive news:|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s
  16. Mitsubishi recalls its electric car

    Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Competitors
    "Mitsubishi is recalling the i-MiEV electric car for brakes that may lose power assist, according to filings with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration." (read more...)
  17. Jerky Braking

    Mechanical Systems - Chevy Volt
    Hi all, How smooth is your braking? I'm not sure what I'm experiencing in normal, and so I wanted to get your experiences. Basically, braking for me is smooth as I come to a stop --- EXCEPT, sometimes, when it gets to about 5MPH or less, I notice 3 light jerks before it smooths out again...
  18. Regeneration Malfunction

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    A couple of days ago as I was coming up to a stoplight, when I pressed lightly on the brakes, nothing happened. The pedal felt soft and I continued coasting. It wasn't until I pressed hard enough to engage the disc brakes that the car slowed down. As the disc brakes engaged there was a...
  19. Carlarm's wish list for changes to the Volt

    Suggestions for GM - Chevy Volt
    (1) An option for delayed charging that simply allows the specification of allowed/disallowed charging times (does not involve departure time). Thus, for me, charging would begin at 12:00 midnight (off peak) and then when I get to work it would begin charging immediately without having to...
  20. Brake grinding at low speed

    Mechanical Systems - Chevy Volt
    I picked up my Volt two weeks ago, and I have been having a lot of fun driving it. I do have one issue with the brakes that I am trying to figure out. As I step on the brake pedal and slow to very low speed, there is a 1 or 2 second grinding as the car comes to a stop. The grinding seems to be...