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  1. Generation 1 Chevy Volt (2011-2015)
    I've been seeing more posts about GEN1 volts having battery power issues. It's making me worried whether I should start looking to sell my model year 2014 Chevy Volt. The car is 7 years old and has 55K miles which 85% of the mileage was powered by the battery. I would love to be able to drive...
  2. Generation 1 Chevy Volt (2011-2015)
    In mid September, before it started to get colder in Toronto, the battery in my 2013 Volt lost about 25% of its capacity virtually overnight and it has never come back. I have not contacted my Volt advisor for almost four years, so perhaps he is no longer doing this work. The email I sent him...
1-2 of 2 Results