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  1. AV's: GM now the leader, Tesla, Apple dead last

    Autonomous Vehicle Technology
    Navigant considers GM to be the driverless car leader due to both its software sophistication and its ability to mass produce the cars (and solid state LIDAR) at scale. A new report from the consulting firm Navigant ranks the 19 major players in the emerging driverless car industry. Navigant...
  2. GM: fully self-driving Bolts in U.S. cities in 2019

    Autonomous Vehicle Technology
    General Motors Co laid out its vision for self-driving vehicles on Thursday, telling investors it planned a commercial launch of fleets of fully autonomous robo-taxis in multiple dense urban environments in 2019. “If we continue on our current rate of change we will be ready to deploy this...
  3. Apple’s Project Titan: A retrofit AV for older cars?

    Autonomous Vehicle Technology
    Its large roof array assembly probably contains “the majority of the compute stack,” as opposed to having that stuffed in the trunk like it is in many other vehicles. The front and back both have 6 LiDARS. The benefit of this design might be that it’s relatively plug-and-play, requiring very...
  4. Warren Buffett: AV's will hurt insurers

    Autonomous Vehicle Technology
    If autonomous vehicles prove to be safer than regular cars, insurance costs will plummet, and by the time roads are filled with self-driving cars, insurers like Geico will have taken a serious hit, the Berkshire Hathaway chief said. Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies offers commercial auto...