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  1. Autocrossing in a Gen 1

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    I couldn’t find too many videos of a Gen 1, so figured I would post some from this weekend. Mods are a Whiteline rear sway, and some BfGoodrich Comp-2 A/S tires in the stock size. I’ve had the car for about a year and it is pretty much free from the gas savings commuting to school. I have been...
  2. Chevrolet invites local press to autocross Bolt EV against the GTI

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    Chevrolet invited local journalists and influencers to autocross a Bolt EV against a Volkswagen GTI. LA Car's SCCA-licensed Glenn Oyoung took up the challenge. Fitted with summer tires, Oyoung managed to get the Bolt EV to complete the lap a full second quicker than the GTI: We autocross the...