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  1. Use, Care & Maintenance - Gen 1 Chevy Volt
    My car started to display the message "Service Battery Charging System". I got it diagnosed by the dealer as a faulty APM. I found a few in junkyards near me and I want to do the work myself. Do I need to code the part to make it work on mine? If I do how do I do it?
  2. Use, Care & Maintenance - Gen 2 Chevy Volt
    On my 2017 Volt I recently set my radar detector to show voltage. It is plugged into the 12v accessory socket. When I start the car it shows 15.1 volts. When I drive in Normal the voltage gradually decreases. I have seen as low as 12.4 volts. No warning lights come on. Is this normal...
  3. Problems, Driver Warnings or DTCs - Gen 1 Volt
    In searching for my first [used, Gen 1] Volt, four of the five 2012-14’s I’ve driven have had the very annoying high-pitched ~12 kHz ambient whine during Hold/Regen, even with the rear load decks properly seated. I gather from many threads that most attribute the noise source to the APM (DC-DC...
  4. Generation 1 Chevy Volt (2011-2015)
    After absorbing all the information in this post I am thinking that my plan might be possible, however I can't find in manual or even on this amazingly detailed site (Thank you all!!!) the max charge rate of the APM. I am considering getting This inverter and creating a wiring harness to the...
  5. Newcomers, Owner Stories, FAQs
    Hi All, Happy to join the forum. Looking forward to interacting with other volt users especially as there is no volt service outlet where I am located. I am particularly looking forward to reviving my 2011 volt which is currently unable to charge the 12v battery. I have replaced the APM but...
  6. Electrical Systems - Chevy Volt
    To start with. Lets say you are interested in hooking up a 1000W 12V DC to 120V AC inverter to your chevy volt. Of course this is possible and has been done. The question, is it possible to parallel the 12V systems of two same year Volts into one larger say 2000W inverter? Would a...
1-6 of 6 Results