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  1. Consumer Reports Rates 2013 American Car Top Picks

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    Consumer Reports has issued ratings of American-made cars for 2013 since none of them made the category for 2013 Top Picks In the "Green Car" category the Chevy Volt was bested by Ford C-Max...
  2. Have you had ZERO problems with your Volt?

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    Hi everyone, As some of you know, I've been without my Volt for a few days now because of brake problems. I'm really bummed because I haven't even had the car for a month, and it's already in the shop. I probably won't get it back until later this week. Prior to buying it, I swore up and...
  3. Vintage American Automotive Brochures

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    I hope you guys find this site as interesting as I do...