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240v evse

  1. 110v or 240v EVSE...Which uses less electricity?

    Chevy Volt Accessories and Modifications
    We are putting solar on our roof...tentatively scheduled mid-March. Does anyone know if a 240V EVSE charging in 4 hours uses more or less energy than the 110V charging for 8-10 hours? I am sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere. I searched, but found nothing on this. I am trying to...
  2. Portable 120V/240V OpenEVSE with Quick240V Device from two 120V sources

    Chevy Volt Accessories and Modifications
    Over the last several years, I've come to realize the convenience of a portable 120V/240V EVSE but pairing one with a tiny quick240V device makes it the more useful. That is to say, I find combining these 2 separate devices helpful for travel and some have used it as a permanent solution: 1. a...
  3. Voltec 240v Conversion to OpenEVSE

    Electric Vehicle Batteries & Plug-In Charging
    What do you do when your Voltec 240V EVSE dies? Instead of throwing it away, you could remove the circuit board and replace it with OpenEVSE and other off-the-shelf components. I am not an Electrical Engineer so I invite those who are to comment on any errors in the schematics, etc. below. I...