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2016 volt review

  1. Wow - 2016 Volt Exceeds Performance Expectations

    Generation 2 Volt (2016-2020)
    Today was the first day I had a chance to almost fully deplete the battery on my new 2016 Volt. The results exceeded all my expectations and the EPA data, by far. I went 53 miles, used 12.7 kW from the battery, and had 7 miles of range left. This was a round trip drive starting at 7400 feet...
  2. Observation On Why The 2016 Has Less Wind Noise and Homelink

    Generation 2 Volt (2016-2020)
    The 2016 is definitely quieter than a Gen I. There's less tire noise, mechanical noise when the engine is running, and less wind noise. The lessened wind noise may be in part from the design including the shape of the mirror but there is something else. The doors have Four seals at the glass...
  3. My 2016 Volt Buying and Driving Experience With Recommendation

    Generation 2 Volt (2016-2020)
    I live in Colorado and just returned from a trip to Los Angeles where I bought a 2016 Volt from Rydell Chevrolet. I am thrilled on multiple levels. I really have two stories to tell. The first involves the purchase experience and the second involves the car. By way of background, the 2016 is my...
  4. Car And Driver Magazine Has A New 2016 Volt Review

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    The October print edition of Car And Driver arrived with a new review on the 2016 Volt. There is also a two-page Volt ad behind the front cover. The review is very positive. The writer understands the Volt. The only omission is the failure to include any discussion of tax credits. As a...