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  1. Generation 1 Chevy Volt (2011-2015)
    So I am just wondering how is it possible for me to get 10.9 kWh out of my battery when its only rated 10.7 for 2014 usable, its going on 5 years old with about 56k miles on it. Im not complaining just wondering how. During the winter I noticed on average its down to 10.2 kWh but during this...
  2. ? Buying, Selling, Tax Credit, Fees - Chevy Volt
    So I called the GM hotline Friday AM that one poster supplied. They confirmed my 2014 would be built week of 10/14. My New 2014 Volt Released to Shipper, but GM status was behind For some odd reason I checked the web site to see if it showed anything. Well it said built as of Sunday morning...
1-2 of 2 Results