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120v charging

  1. Preconditioning method for in-garage use on 120v this winter w/o discharging battery

    Generation 2 Volt (2016-2020)
    I've been reading around a lot of threads here about preconditioning and haven't found an answer to this question: How can I get my DW's Volt preconditioned as warm as possible in our attached/insulated-but-not-heated garage without reducing the range (discharging the battery during...
  2. 120V Charging FAQ

    Li-Ion Battery, Charging, Mgmt System - Chevy Volt
    Your Volt owner's manual has details on using a 120V outlet to charge your car and the safety issues and precautions surrounding that. It's important you read it. This guide does not replace that, nor is it meant to be the final authority. Instead it's a compilation of what other owners have...