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      My buddy who just got his volt uses an heavy duty extension cord that works well (No noticeable heat issues at the plug)

      However, the $.30 outlet in his garage was getting plenty hot and starting to char.

      We installed one of these -

      And its super glorious. It gives one more layer of protection, and the plug is ambient temperature even at 12 amps.

      Could not have been easier to install. Really a solid built device.
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      Yes and no. The question is if it is the wiring to the outlet or the wiring of the full circuit that is the issue. In the particular case of the OP the outlet you are showing most likely would have prevented the melt down.. As the arc looks to have occurred at the outlet but and with all stories there is a but, it could have also happened inside the casing or bx cable close to the outlet if there was overheating or arc taking place. For OP, he or she will need to look at all the wires on the circuit line and make sure that non of them triggered the event.

      As to your question, it depends on what is on the circuit. If only a single outlet is on the circuit arc fault interrupter then the outlet you showed is perfect but if there is multiple points to the circuit I would go with the arc breaker.

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